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TradeDirectory.com has saved my business from going into bankruptcy

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» TradeDirectory.com has saved my business from...

CT Bikes

Business Type:  Retailer,Distributor/Wholesaler,Trading Company
Owner:  Jamshaid Akhtar
Country:   United Kingdom
Website:  www.ctbikes.co.uk
Joined:  Jul-08-2010
Posted on: Aug-09-2013

  • Prior to 2009, I was working for a company in the construction sector. Unfortunately the construction industry was one of the first casualties of the recession. The company went bust and I became jobless.

    Having consulted with my friends and family, I decided to setup my own business in the bicycle line. I spent a lot of money on advertising and promoting my business but nothing got materialised. I was almost out of cash and was actively searching for a different line of business.

    One day whilst I was searching for some new products on the internet, I came across TradeDirectory.com. I was impressed by the presentation of the site but more importantly I was motivated by the claim of the site that all its services were entirely free. I thought that I should give this site a go for the fact that it was in my own country.

    I opened an account with TradeDirectory.com; creating a profile and uploading my products were relatively easy. To my surprise I got quite a few enquiries in the first week. In the beginning of the third week since registration I got the first order from Birmingham, UK. Thereafter I have received orders from different cities not only in the UK but also from different EU countries.

    I am really fortunate that I came across this site at the right time. The idea of moving to a different line has vanished, as my existing business of bicycles is now flourishing on a daily basis thanks to TradeDirectory.com. I am grateful to the management team of this site for giving my business such an excellent opportunity for free, which is highly commendable in these difficult times of recession.

    I highly recommend this site to both new businesses as well as established corporations.

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