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Frequently Asked Questions

I have created my account with TradeDirectory.com but I cannot find my details!

In order for your details to appear on TradeDirectory.com, you need to verify your email address. A link has been sent to the email address provided by you. Please click or copy and paste the link in your browser. If you cannot find the link in your Inbox, please check your Spam (Junk) folder.

I have already verified the link but do not know how to create my profile!

Once you have verified your email, please log in TradeDirectory.com, go to My Account area and then click on the Company Profile tab and submit the required information. You can also click on Account Settings tab and update your contact information.

How can I sell at TradeDirectory.com?

When you create your account with TradeDirectory.com, you get a free website dedicated exclusively for your company. You can display unlimited products and you can also post unlimited selling leads. The number of TradeDirectory.com registered users is growing very fast. Buyers from all over the world will contact you through TradeDirectory.com or directly.  TradeDirectory.com does not charge you any fees for displaying your contact details.

How can I buy at TradeDirectory.com?

When you create your account with TradeDirectory.com as a buyer, you are allowed to post unlimited buying leads. You can also search products at TradeDirectory.com and once you find something that meets your requirements, you can contact the seller through TradeDirectory.com or directly.

Does TradeDirectory.com charge its users any fees for its services?

No.  TradeDirectory.com is absolutely free of charge. It does not charge its users any fees at any point of transaction.

Does TradeDirectory.com require its users to provide credit card details?

No. TradeDirectory.com does not require its users to provide credit card details or any payment details at all.

Why should I create an account with TradeDirectory.com whereas there are so many business to business marketplaces already on the Internet?

You should use TradeDirectory.com because it is free. Undoubtedly there are many online business to business marketplaces, which seem initially free of charge. However, eventually you end up spending a lot of money, as you have to purchase credits in order to access the buying or selling leads. Secondly, TradeDirectory.com has a great database of quality manufacturers, importers, sellers and buyers. Your business simply cannot afford to ignore such a vast community in such a competitive world.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Please click on Log in button and then click on Forgot Password link. Fill in the box and we will send you instructions as to how to re-set your password.

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