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Intellectual Property Policy

TradeDirectory.com provides a platform to the buyers and sellers to showcase and purchase products in a healthy and motivated environment. We defend the intellectual property rights of others and expect the same in return. Illegal/prohibited use of trademarks and copyrights is not tolerated at TradeDirectory.com. TradeDirectory.com has its own trademark and copyrights. No one is allowed to use the name, logo, trademark associated with TrdaeDirectory.com without an approval from us. We do not allow you to take the screenshots of our website and use them somewhere else. We have made rules to protect our Intellectual Property, anyone disobeying these rules will be the subject to legal actions.


Not allowed to use the name "TradeDirectory.com"

No one is allowed to use the name of TradeDirectory.com in any of the following scenario:


Need for Written Permission

Written permission is a must before using:

TradeDirectory.com reserves the right to grant permission or a denial.


Note: In case of any illegal/prohibited use of Intellectual property TradeDirectory.com has the right to remove the listings, account suspension and cancellation of membership agreements.

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