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  • If you are interested in buying any item from the, you are required to Sign In and Register yourself on the website
  • If you are already registered with then simply enter your Email Address and Password in the Sign In section
  • If you have not yet registered yourself all you need to do is click on "Join Free" and add some required information and get yourself registered. Remember filling up your profile with accurate details as very important for a great shopping experience
You can reset the password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" option and then following the steps indicated in the email forwarded for resetting the password.
  • In order for the details to appear on, you will need to verify the link that has been sent to your email address
  • Please click or copy and paste the link in the browser
  • If the link is not found in the inbox of the email account, please check the Spam (Junk) folder
  • After verifying the email log in to, go to My Account area and then click on the Add/Edit Your Profile
  • Enter the required information
  • The changes can also be made in already existed account information (when needed) by clicking the Account Settings tab


  • We have safe and secured database of products on platform
  • You can put any popular Keyword or name of item and search through by clicking on search icon
  • You will go through all the available items related to that certain keyword or search term
  • The products can easily be searched according to the categories with ease
  • You can select any specific category from search bar and a list of all the available products related to that category will be displayed
  • offers an advanced search option where one can easily select the categories and other options to search and find the required items and products

Buyer FAQS is a UK based eCommerce marketplace. It is an online shopping portal which supports both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) services. has evolved as the most convenient platform of interaction among buyers and consumers from all over the world.
It offers the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, global traders and suppliers opportunities to showcase their products in the most attractive and advanced ways, and have an easy access for the worldwide buyers and consumers. Joining and starting e-shops/e-store on is free. Shopping on involves three steps:
  • Register with trade directory
  • Select the product you want to buy
  • Make payment through PayPal

You can easily shop with us no matter even if it is a single piece of product from any category or if you may be interested in buying small wholesale lots of products.
  • is UK's leading eCommerce shopping portal which offers safe and secured shopping experience to its buyers
  • We offer buyer protection with the help of world's famous and most secured payment methods like PayPal. So, you are fully protected here which enables you to shop here without any fear of fraud or scam
  • We have verified sellers, including; manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, local and global traders on our site
  • We offer competitive prices of quality products
  • offers safe shopping experience within your budget
  • We have qualified and trained staff which is active 24/7 and always available to answer your questions and resolve issues promptly and professionally
  • has made sure that your valuable money is fully safe and no one is allowed to take any advantage
  • We assure the satisfaction with the help of most secured payment methods like PayPal. We have credible and verified sellers on our site and their profiles are approved, only after a proper seller vetting process
  • We offer buyer protection to our buyers so they can easily get the paid amount back if they face any issue with the purchased item or are unsatisfied
  • Additional buyer protection is given by the PayPal Buyer Protection system
  • You will be given all possible opportunities to know, as much as possible, about the sellers through previous reviews of buyers and their ratings
  • You can easily search for the required item via search bar available on the website. Once satisfied, you can then select the product of your liking for purchase
  • After the order has been confirmed from your side, you will then make the payment for the order
  • The order is dispatched by the seller and a tracking number along with order number is provided to you
  • You will receive the order within specified time and the quality and quantity of received items will be checked carefully by you
  • You will have the option of giving review/feedback to show your satisfaction with the received order


  • Buying items via Shopping Cart option is available on
  • You can search and keep adding the items you want to buy in the Shopping Cart
  • Once you are done with the required items then you can further proceed to view the Cart and make payments
  • If you are shopping for the first time on, you will be required to fill the shipping address form carefully
  • All the required details needs to be filled with accurate address and you must give address which are given in the PayPal
  • Make sure that you have given the right address
You can easily view the cart and find the “add remark” button on it to add the remarks about that particular item. A message can also be left for the seller here, if any changes in the size, color or anything are required.
At any time you can view the cart and remove the item(s) you no longer wish to buy.


PayPal on Tradedirectory:
The way it works is quite simple:
  • When you place an order, the payment of that order is processed through PayPal gateway
  • Your purchase transaction is secured with PayPal
  • You're protected on from checkout to delivery
  • PayPal spots problems before they happen with the latest anti-fraud technology
  • If something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions will be fully reimbursed by the PayPal

Having PayPal as your purchasing medium provides layers of protection and guarantees safe transaction until your order is successfully delivered and is very important for a number of reasons, including:
  • Your information about payment is directly given to the PayPal only and never to your seller
  • Your financial information is kept safe with PayPal
  • The seller is compelled in completing the order and cannot run off with your money
  • You have the leverage to initiate a dispute or request a refund should you be unsatisfied with your received order
  • No, there are no extra charges required to use PayPal service
  • You only need to have a verified PayPal account
  • Enough balance before purchasing any item on
  • When you buy an item/items on, you will be directed to the PayPal site to complete the purchase
  • We offer a refund in the event that your complete shipment arrives broken or damaged
  • Your received product does not match the key features provided on the website
  • You are also entitled for partial or full refund when the products sent to you is of the wrong style or quantity and if the quality of product is not up to your expectations
  • Refunds are also offered in situations when the seller has clearly tried to do fraudulent activities with the buyer
  • Return and refund policy will also depend on seller's own return and refund policy. You can check their policy before purchasing any product/item from their store

In any of the above cases/situations is the ultimate authority to decide on the amount of refund depending on the severity of different cases. In case when the buyer and the seller have solved the issue among themselves will not intervene.
  • If the item(s) received are not as described on the website, a refund must be requested within 7 days of receiving the order
  • In case if the order has not arrived at the shipment address at all, the refund can be claimed within 4-120 days of shipping the order

This time period varies depending upon the shipping method. You can also check on seller's page when purchasing the specific product. You will find the delivery time on the product description area.
Yes, order completion confirmation does not affect the refund or return, if all the other criteria of return & refund are fulfilled.
  • First you need to sign in to your account
  • Find the order for which you want refund or return
  • After that click on the option available in front of that order "Return & Refund"
  • If you can't reach to any agreement with the seller, you can ask to intervene and solve the situation according to the Mediation & Arbitration Policy of the website
The time it takes for paying back the refund depends on different aspects or PayPal return and refund policy, for some situations it may take a long time to find out the legal evidences and proofs to solve the issue while in others it may not take as much time. aims to provide the refund as soon as possible but may take few days to few weeks.
Once, the request has been approved the funds are immediately transferred to your account by PayPal. Somehow the payment method which has been originally used to pay for the order can affect the time it takes to transfer the refund.
  • It is recommended to consult the seller directly and reach a certain agreement
  • If there is no possible way left for you to reach an agreement with the seller then will be obliged to intervene and solve the issues
  • It is very important to communicate with seller within our platform
  • Dealing and communicating outside of this site is not allowed and we will not be responsible
It depends on the seller and the product in the very first place.
  • Generally, if the shipping cost of the order is way more than the price of the order then it is less likely you will be asked to return the product back to the seller
  • It is strongly recommended however, to contact the seller directly or for any such situation separately
This depends on the reason for your Refund & Return scenario:
  • If the refund & return has been asked for the 100% guaranteed category products then the seller will be responsible for paying the shipping cost
  • If buyer has simply changed his/her mind to not keeping the order than it will be the buyer's responsibility to pay for the shipping cost
  • For all the other reasons than the above stated will be responsible to decide who will pay for the shipping cost depending up on the different situations

Payment Options

If a transaction has failed via credit/debit card, it is mostly a problem from the bank's side and not from

Top Reasons Why the Credit Card Payments are Rejected:
There can be many issues and reasons why the bank has declined the transaction. Some of them are as follows:
  • You lack the funds or you've reached your credit limit
  • Incorrectly entered CSC code mentioned on the back of the card
  • Expired card
  • The transaction was blocked by the payment server because it didn't pass all the risk checks
  • There are too many inquiries on your credit report
  • Suspicion of fraudulent activities
  • Declined by the Bank with no specific reasons
Most of the above stated issues are related to the bank, the buyer is associated with and can be solved only by the bank itself. can only guide you in how to contact the bank and ask them to solve the issues.

Suggested Steps that you can take to resolve some common issues related to credit/debit card:
  • You can contact Bank to know more about payment security policies. In certain situations where you are making a large amount of transaction from the credit card even if the available limit is also not the issue, some banks may require a verbal authorization of such transactions
  • You can contact Bank to know more about daily purchase or transaction limits
  • Try to know more about the payment authorizations, reserved charges and funds. When a buyer provides the card details to, the website goes through a proper authorization process where it finds out if the card has not been reported as stolen or lost.
  • Verification can be made regarding the payment information entered on the order
  • An alternate payment option for the order can be submitted by you
  • If the debit/credit card payments are not the available options to make the payments please check what other options are available on the website for the payment
Currently, there are only two payment options available on
  • PayPal
  • Credit /debit cards

Bank Transfer facility will be available soon on
  • It is strongly recommended not to do so and report that seller to as soon as possible
  • If you still, accept the seller's proposal of paying directly, then you will no longer be entitled for the Buyer's Protection policy of
  • If the order is not received or the items received are not as they have been expected, will not able to provide any help or assistance in any returns & refunds
  • Under the Buyer's Protection policy the payment is never transferred to the seller unless the buyer has shown satisfaction for the received orders
When you decide to select the option of paying via Credit Card, then your link is directly transferred to a website where the payment can be made.
You will have to click on "Pay for Order" and fill in the required card information.
  • We confirm the payment from the buyers and then inform the seller to follow the shipment procedure
  • The buyer further needs to provide some personal information just for the verification purpose
  • The personal information is only used for the verification purpose and is not used for any other purposes. Only the authorized people are allowed to go through the details provided by the buyer
  • You may have concerns in sending the personal details but it is requested to understand that this information is necessary to complete the order and once the verification process is completed by the authorized people the information is permanently deleted from the Safety Center records

Cancellation & Dispute

  • If the payment has not yet been made and you decide to cancel the order, it can done so by clicking "Cancel Order" button
  • Also note that if the payment for your order is not made within 10 days of placing the order, then our system it will cancel it automatically
  • If you decide to cancel an order you have paid for, before its shipment confirmation, you can Request a Refund immediately after payment is confirmed
  • Requesting refund form will ask you to provide the reason of asking for the refund and the amount of refund
  • When the request is forwarded for the refund the status of the order will be changed to Dispute & Refund
  • Whenever you will click on "I agree" option available on the requested refund order the refund will be automatically forwarded to your account
The buyer is strongly recommended to go through the below stated requirements, otherwise the evidences will not be considered:
  • Maximum of 4 files with a format of JPG, GIF, RAR, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT can be uploaded as evidence
  • The file size must not exceed 5MB
  • If a buyer wants to upload more than 4 files then it is suggested to merge those files in PDF, DOCX or DOC format and then upload them all together
  • In situations where photographs cannot depict clearly the problem, then the buyer needs to upload a clear video demonstrating the problem with products
  • If the video exceeds 4MB, the buyer is requested to upload it in the Dropbox and provide the link of it, so that the video can be downloaded

The following stated steps can be followed to upload the evidences:
  • First you log in the account
  • Click on the option "Refund & Dispute" available under Active Orders
  • Find the order number for which the evidences are required
  • Click on "View Return & Refund"
  • Click on "Upload Evidence"

Once the evidence is uploaded it will be available to for future investigations.
Return & Refund is applied on four different categories:
  • Items Not Received
  • Invalid Tracking Number
  • Item Not as Described or Damaged
  • Received Goods but Needs to Return

Buyer Dispute Cases:
  • When a buyer opens a dispute against seller in a condition when the items received are not as they were described, the seller has to respond to the request within 5-7 working days after opening the dispute. Evidences and requests to solve the problem should be forwarded from the buyers
  • If the seller has not responded back within the agreed time period then the buyer will automatically be given the refund amount
  • The buyer can contact's service center for any help required even after he/she has reached a final solution of solving the issue
  • If the seller is not responsive or not cooperative at all in solving the issue the buyer can directly ask and contact to solve the problem
  • Within 10 working days, after filing a complaint to's service center, the solution of the requested issue will be provided to the buyer
  • If the evidence is not provided by the buyer for the issue of item not received as described within 3 working days of opening a dispute, the seller will be given the payment and the issue will no longer be solved under Return & Refund
  • If the buyer has received the item and the payment has already been made to the seller, the buyer can still open an after sale dispute within the 30 days of releasing the payment
  • will solve the issues on the basis of rules defined by the seller in the agreement. This condition is also applied on any Return & Refund request by the buyer

(i) Items Not Received:
Status: In Transit

If the order has currently been delivered but still the status is that the order is still on its way to the delivery address, then the order will be considered as Item Not Received in the following conditions:
  • Delivery has been delayed and there were no updates of the status from the shipping providing service for more than 10 days
  • Ordered items are kept at one location or place from the shipping providing service for more than 10 days
  • A buyer can apply for the Return & Refund in such situations only after the time period provided by the seller for delivery is over
  • If the items are placed in some local carrying place or the post office then it is the responsibility of the buyer to get that package from that place
  • If the buyer refuses to do so due to any personal reasons then will forward the payment to the seller
  • If the buyer is unable to receive the items due to the reasons from the seller then will send refund to the buyer

Status: Items Detained By Custom
If the ordered package is held by the custom officer or if it still needs to clear the customs, then the buyer can scan and forward the copy of customs letter defining the situation.

Status: Items Returned or On Their Way Back To the Seller
A. Items are shown Returned

If the items are shown as returned or if they are held at one location then will arbitrate the situation based on the following criteria:
  • Wrong shipping address has been provided by the buyer. In this situation the seller will be asked to retain the shipping cost after the issuance of an official invoice and the buyer will be refunded with the amount of payment
  • If the fault is from the seller's side. In this situation will decide to provide the buyer with the full refund of the payment

B. Items are shown as Delivered
In this case will check the tracking information, the city, the postal address and some other information if required, if all this information is correct then the payment will be transferred to the seller.

Status: The Buyer Refused To Sign for the Items
  • If the buyer refuses to sign the delivered items when the items are received late or they are damaged then the seller will be responsible and return & refund will be provided to the buyer
  • If the buyer refuses to sign the delivered items without any reason then the buyer will be responsible to pay for the shipping cost and the cost of returning the items to the seller

Status: Incomplete Tracking Information
  • After the delivery time, if there is no complete information of the tracking then, the seller will be responsible to provide the evidences that the package has not been signed
  • If the seller fails to provide any evidence or invalid evidence then full refund will be generated for the buyer.

Status: Delay in Shipment
If a valid tracking number has been provided by the seller after the scheduled shipment time, or the seller has a proof that the correct tracking information has been forwarded to the buyer, then a refund will be offered depending on the conditions specified on the agreement. (ii) Invalid Tracking Number: will arbitrate and provide refund to the buyer in the following cases:
  • If a tracking number is missing from the shipment
  • Wrong tracking number has been issued
  • The tracking number cannot be located on the shipping carriers after 5 to 10 days from the time the seller has provided the tracking number

If the tracking number is valid and can be located but there is no or inconsistent delivery information provided from the seller, then the seller will be responsible to provide the refund.

(iii) Items Not as Described:

Status: Received Items have Quality or Performance Issues

The item is regarded as having problem in performance or quality when:
  • The item received is not up to the expectations
  • Does not fulfills the purpose for which it was intended
  • It was defective or damaged when received

In such conditions the buyer will need to provide clear evidences regarding the faulty nature of the product. After examining those evidences will help in deciding whether the return & refund should be provided or not.

Status: Issues in Quantity or Size
If the items received are less than the quantity which has been ordered then the buyer needs to provide clear evidences via photographs or video. Those evidences will be examined by and then the decision will be made.

Status: Fake or Misstated Items
  • The buyer will need to provide clear evidences in the form of photographs or video that the items received are fake or misstated in the description
  • Those evidences will be examined by the (You can use our resolution center to solve your issues)
  • You can also ask from PayPal to intervene on your behalf since, you are making payment through their gateway

(iv) Other Reasons of Return
If the buyer returns the items for reasons like “I do not like the item” or “I am no more interested in buying the item”, then the buyer will be responsible to pay for the shipping freight fees for returning. will not intervene in situations of Other Reasons of Return unless there is some serious issue or problem.
(i) How can I cancel order after making the payment?
  • You will need to "Sign in" to your account and find out the order which you want to cancel after making the payment for that order
  • After that leave a message for the seller to have a communication/conversation
  • It's always important to communicate with the seller to resolve the issue
  • If the seller agrees to the refund request, the refund will automatically be transferred to your account

(ii) How can the buyer file a complaint against the delay in the order or not receiving the same items as described on the website?
In a situation of not getting the items how they have been described by the seller on the website or there is a delay in receiving the order then:
  • Check the Support Center section on the account and click on Submit a Ticket option from Support Center
  • A detailed form is available on that page after filling it carefully post the ticket and the complaint will be filed against the raised issue
  • It is's responsibility then to solve the dispute according to the defined and stated laws and regulations of Mediation & Arbitration Policy

(iii) What can I do if the seller refuses or does not reply to my proposal?
  • You can continue to communicate with the seller for new proposals
  • If the seller does not reply or agree with the changes proposed then after 5 days, the buyer can then contact to solve the problem
  • The issue/problem/dispute will be resolved under the's Mediation & Arbitration Policy

(iv) What can I do if the seller forwards a new proposal?
  • Whatever you choose to decide, you can proceed by clicking on any one of the two options ("I agree" or "I don't agree") available on your account
  • If you don't tend to agree with the proposal forwarded by the seller, you can conveniently forward a new proposal to the seller
  • If the problem is not solved within 5 days it is recommended to contact The issue will then be solved under the's Mediation & Arbitration Policy

(v) What can I do after reaching/accepting the agreement with the seller?
Once both the parties have agreed to one agreement it should be followed strictly. All the points and terms mentioned on that agreement will be applied on both the buyers and sellers.
In case if you decide to return the items then you will need to submit the Tracking Number from your account within 7 days.

(vi) What can I do if I am still not satisfied with the replaced items?
In a situation if:
  • You are not satisfied with the replaced items
  • The items are still not up to the level which the seller has described on the website
  • The replaced items have not reached you on the given time
  • Then you should not click on the option "Replaced Items Received"
  • In this particular situation you are recommended to contact to solve the issue under the Mediation & Arbitration Policy.

(vii) If I agree to pay for the cost incurred in shipping of the item(s), then how will the seller receive the money from me?
  • In this particular situation when you have agreed to pay back for the replaced/returned item(s), then first you should contact the seller to confirm the shipping cost
  • You will then place a new order and ask the seller to change the price to the same amount as the shipping cost that you have paid for the replaced item(s)

(viii) How can I provide evidences to the after opening a dispute?
You will need to forward the evidence from your account within 5 days. It's also important to communicate with the seller using communication tools such as email, messages within our platform.
You can contact the seller individually in the first place to solve the issue.
  • If the seller does not agree with one proposal then you can try on sending a new proposal and see if there is a mutual agreement between both sides
  • If the seller provides new proposal it is up to you whether to Agree or to not Agree with the forwarded proposal
  • If within 5 working days you are unable to reach to any agreement with the seller then it is suggested that you approach
  • If the items received are not satisfactory, then you will have to send the product back, directly to the seller rather than sending it to
  • If the seller after receiving back the items refuses to refund then you can contact regarding the issue
  • The items which you are sending back should be packed properly and should be in a condition in which they have been received
  • Mention the seller’s ID and order number on the returning parcel
  • Once both the parties have agreed to one agreement it should be followed strictly by both of them
  • All the points and terms mentioned on that agreement will be applied on both the buyers and sellers
  • In case if the you want to return the items then you will need to submit the Tracking Number from your account within 7 days
  • After reaching an agreement with your seller to pay for the shipment cost, it is then advisable that you pay for the cost first
  • Then contact and provide the photos of the tracking number, the receipt of paid shipping cost and the shipping label
  • will forward the paid shipping amount to your account when the dispute is resolved

Dispatch & Delivery

  • Shipping address can only be changed before the seller has dispatched the order; after the order is dispatched you will not be able to change the shipping address.
  • Once you are able to view the order number in your account and view its details, you will be in a position to edit your order through edit option on information page through which changes can be made
  • Once the changes are done, they will be saved and changed on the seller's agreement
  • In case if the order has already been shipped you need to contact the seller directly, only the seller can change the shipping address in this situation
  • If items are already shipped from seller's side to your given address and details then you can't do anything
There are two main factors involved in how much time an order can take in reaching the buyer.

Time of Item Processing:
  • This time consists of the time period a product takes to get ready to be shipped by the seller
  • This time can vary on a large scale depending on the type, number, volume and category of the product
  • Usually it takes from 3 to 15 working days, but this time period can be varied depending upon the availability of the product in stock of the seller

Shipping Procedure:
  • The time an item or an order takes to reach the buyer also depends on the way or the procedure of shipping as well
  • The time duration varies depending up on the location from which the item has been shipped along with the location in which the buyer resides
  • Delivery of items may also get delayed due to natural accidents/hazards or some holidays
  • The buyer can contact the seller personally to get the information about shipping and delivery time by leaving a message to him/her
  • If the seller changes/postpones the time of shipment then you can contact the seller and it is up to you whether you want to accept or decline the seller's proposal
  • If the buyer agrees to the new time, the time will automatically be extended
  • In case of declining the new time proposal the deadline will remain the same as decided earlier
  • If the seller will not be able to ship the ordered products on the deadline the order will automatically be cancelled and the buyer will be provided a full refund of the order

Tracking The Items

You can easily track the package online after the order has been shipped and a tracking number has been assigned by the seller. The tracking option is available on the "Order Detail" page in the buyer's account. (There could be some shipment services for which tracking the package may not work)
  • A tracking number is allotted to every order, after it has been dispatched and the buyer is sent a verification email with a tracking number mentioned in it
  • If you have not received the email and the tracking number, it is recommended to contact the seller to provide the tracking number and information about the dispatched order
  • If still, after contacting the seller, no tracking number or wrong tracking number is being given by the seller then you can approach and file a complaint against the seller
  • The dispute will be solved among both the parties according to the's Mediation & Arbitration Policy

Customs & Import Tax

  • If the order has been dispatched by the seller and the order is out of the seller's country it will be the buyer's responsibility to deal with the custom and get the order
  • Any charges or payments required to get the item cleared from the custom will be responsibility of the buyer
  • In case you are not able to clear the order from the custom, you will have to provide a letter from the custom office describing and explaining why the order has been held

There are certain cases when will be intervening and helping the buyer to get the order out of the custom, they are as stated below:
  • If the order is being held by the seller's custom, you will be able to get refund
  • If the custom explains that the item being held is prohibited, replica or duplicate, will help the buyer to get refund
  • If the custom is not explaining any sort of genuine reasons and factors of detaining and keeping the order, will intervene and will try to solve the problem on its own is only the platform for interaction among buyers and sellers. If you want an invoice then you will need to directly contact the seller, only the seller can provide the invoice.

Complete the Order

When you receive the items that you have ordered online, next step is to
  • Sign in to you's account
  • Click on the option "Order Has Been Received"
  • You are also expected to leave a feedback for that particular order
  • You must remember that you cannot ask for return and refund after clicking on "Order has Been Received"

Product & Seller Evaluation

You can post reviews in the below stated conditions:
  • Up to 90 days after the order has been closed by the system automatically
  • Up to 90 days after the buyer closes the order
A buyer can spot a good seller by keeping in mind the following points:
  • Check the reviews and service scores of the sellers in order to know if they are good enough to approach or not. The seller with higher scores will have proven track record of better services provided
  • Review previous buyer's feedback
  • Chat with the seller to be more satisfied about his professionalism
  • Ask questions to the seller, how good they are in explaining about their item
  • Make sure whether the seller is honest and not misleading. This can be done by checking previous feedback given to the seller from buyers
A buyer can spot a good seller by keeping in mind the following points:
  • First of all the buyer needs to "Sign in" to the account on
  • Open the folder of orders and click on the "Completed" option on the "Order" folder
  • An option of "Orders Waiting for Reviews" will be available for the completed orders. The buyer can click on "Orders Waiting for Review" and post reviews based on their experience
  • On the review page there will be different options available, whether the buyer wants to post a positive, negative or a neutral review
  • There will be different categories available on the review page which a buyer can easily and separately review each category
  • The review can be posted as an anonymous or can also be shared on social media
The sellers who are a part of the Seller Guarantee Services are liable for fulfilling all the promises of providing the services. The buyer will be entitled for monetary compensations if the seller fails to the promises made on Seller Guarantee Services.

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