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We here at Trade Directory cannot rest until you are satisfied with your global reach.  Despite whatever business you are in, we know that you have no choice but to exploit technology and we are devoted to achieving that for you. Our software is excellent; our customer service is excellent; and the cost of our services for you will be minimal and may even be free in many cases. There are now many business-to-business directories on the net, but of course we have the best name and we also have impressive skill and knowledge of the global marketplace. You will not be disappointed if you do business with us. Competition is what drives the world forward, it is what drives the humanity forward. Do not be surprised if we at tradedirectory.com fire up your competitive spirits and push you to reaching new heights.


We start the day by asking ourselves the most important question; how can we help our members increase their trade volume and make more money doing business through TradeDirectory.com?


The answer is, we will:

  • Provide our services for a far lower price than our competitors.
  • Offer a far better service than our competitors.
  • Help you find imaginative solutions to the problems and challenges you face.
  • Donate 2.5% of our profits to charities working in the field of education.



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